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Washington DC Realtor Home Preparation Guide

January 20, 2009

Preferred Staging is offering its agent partners and friends in the Washington DC area an opportunity to co-brand a unique home preparation guide. This easy to read guide will become a centerpiece of your farming activities and listing presentations. Differentiate yourself from other agents by including a custom home preparation guide, specifically developed for today’s market.


Take a look at the guide and let us know if you would like to your own version to distribute to your clients and prospects. There is no charge or obligation – the guide is Preferred Staging’s way of helping you set yourself apart, just as our staging projects set homes apart from the competition.


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the art of home preparation

Fairfax Condo Sold in Under 2 Months

November 12, 2008
Staged and Sold in Under 2 Months
We love getting letters like this!
November 10, 2008
To: Monica Murphy
Preferred Staging, LLC
My husband and I had a condo to sell and it had been on the market for about two months. We spent a great deal of time and money renovating the condo and we appreciated the space and convenience that it provided.
When the real estate market fell dramatically, we were worried that there would not be a buyer with the ability to see what our condo offered.  We put so much thought into the interior, especially the kitchen.  
We made the decision to stage the condo to show the size of the rooms and to enhance the fact that the room size was larger than what most homes offered.  After moving our personal furnishings, we thought it would be best to help the prospective buyers visualize the space that we were offering.
It was at that time that I searched the internet and found Preferred Staging, LLC.  I called Monica Murphy and was delighted to find someone that was very interested in working with me to provide the best solution for staging our condo so that potential buyers would have the ability to visualize the room sizes and get a better feel for what our space provided.
Monica was personable; had the ability to listen to what my requests were; was pleasant and extremely capable and professional.  In no time, Monica had the schedule laid out and within a very short time, our condo was transformed from vacant to impressive and very well defined.
We were very impressed with Monica’s ability to look at our property, take photos, determine what furniture was needed and put everything together very quickly.  Monica was never insistent or overly aggressive.  She was very personable and she went out of her way to make sure that everything was done well and on time.
We made the right decision to stage; we made the right decision to have Preferred Staging do the job.
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Monica Murphy and Preferred Staging, LLC, to assist home sellers to stage their homes for successful sales.
D E Piper
Here are some before and afters of the condo…
Alexandria condo living room before home staging  Alexandria condo living room after home staging 
Alexandria condo living room before home staging  Alexandria condo living room after home staging
Alexandria condo dining room before home staging  Alexandria condo dining room after home staging
Alexandria condo dining room before home staging  Alexandria condo dining room after home staging
Alexandria condo bed room before home staging  Alexandria condo bed room after home staging

All the best,

Preferred Staging

the art of home preparation

Montebello in Alexandria Great for Young Buyers

October 28, 2008

I was at a condo in the Montebello community in Alexandria, Virginia yesterday. It is an older condo, one of the first developments of its size in the Washington, DC area. It is in a great location, right off the beltway and very close to the Old Town Alexandria area and adjacent to the Huntington metro stop. This makes Montebello a perfect location for young people who want a dynamic environment.

However, the realtor I am working with told me that some believe Montebello is a 50+ community!

Wow. When you own a home in a mature neighborhood, especially a condo, which may be particularly attractive to younger buyers, you need to stage for the market you are targeting.

  • Update the paint.
  • Get rid of the dated furniture.
  • Rent modern furnishings and art work to appeal to your audience.
  • Stage a room as an office with a laptop. Bring in a flat panel TV.
  • Stage the balcony as a place of rest and serenity.
  • Bring the outside in with some small trees next to the sliding doors.

If your furnishings are dated, they will project the wrong image for a younger audience. Project a feeling of youth and vibrancy and buyers will be excited when they tour your home.

All the best!



the art of home preparation

More on Vacant Staging

October 22, 2007

Last week’s article on why vacants should be staged generated a lot of feedback! Most of the questions centered around “how long does it take” and “how much does it cost.”

Before beginning, however, let’s make sure we understand what we are going to accomplish… In staging a vacant, we are working to position a house as a home. Statistics show that staged homes sell faster than non-staged homes (see our website for details). With the average mortgage payment for a home sold in the Northern Virginia area is around $3,000, every month we take off of the total DOM, we put $3,000 in the seller’s pocket.

Further, the longer a house stays on the market, the better the chances the asking price will be reduced. Avoiding a price reduction because the house sells faster could be worth $10,000 to $30,000 to the seller.

These factors are the seller’s return on investment (ROI) and is a critical part of the calculation regarding the benefits of staging. Does staging guarantee a fast sale? Are you guaranteed to survive a car crash because you were wearing a seatbelt? No, but you still buckel up anyway because your chances are greatly improved – same thing with staging.

How Long?

If a vacant is to be staged successfully, it needs to be viewed as a project:

  1. Assess the property. First things first, what’s the property like. Townhome versus single family. New construction or renovation versus former occupied. We need to visit the property. We can work off of photos, but there is some risk inherent with just using photos.
  2. Learning about the target market. We discuss the target market with the real estate agent. We want to understand who will be most interested in the property and who the likely purchasers will be.
  3. Select furniturishings. For the big stuff, we typically utilize one of the furniture rental firms in the area. We customize the look with our own accessories.
  4. Delivery and staging.

Generally, we allow 2 to 3 weeks for the project. Shorter intervalls are possible, but we might run into limitations on furniture availability.

How Much?

That’s the magic question…It depends (of course)! Generally speaking, rental furnishings and accessories will cost $250 per room per month. The size of the room and the nature of the home (eg luxury, medium, entry) will dictate a higher or lower investment. There are delivery fees, our staging fee (depending on the hours required) and a one month’s deposit.

Most sellers do not stage the entire home. The living room, family room and master bedroom are common. These are the main “show me” rooms – as in: show me how I will live in this home. The kitchen and outside entry might get a few accessories to add appeal.

Bottom line, I suggest one months’ mortgage payment as a budghet for a 3 month long staging. Staged homes sell faster, so at minimum, the seller should break even. If the seller can avoid a price reduction in the process, they will be miles ahead of the game!

All the Best!

Monica, ASP


Preferred Staging

the art of home preparation