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Keeping your Washington DC Lawn Looking Great Will Attract Buyers

June 15, 2008

Wow, It’s Hot!

Well after a long wet spring, summer is upon us. With real estate closings happening in days rather than months, there is still plenty of time for buyers to get into their dream home before the new school year starts.
Dream home. That has a nice sound to it…”dreeeam hommme.” What do people think about when they say the words “dream home?” In Arlington, it may be a Cape Cod, with a white picket fence. In Potomac, your dream home may be an all brick federal mansion with a circular drive. Whatever the image, chances are there is a lawn involved. We did say “dream home” not “dream condo.”
So as the weather heats up, home sellers must start applying water to their lawn regularly. I am talking every 3 days regular, otherwise… Which home do you think will sell first?
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Well, unless someone has a Charlie Brown complex and feels the need to buy the saddest looking thing and nurse it back to health, I predict the home with the lush green lawn will sell first. When the temperatures get into the 90s, watering regularly will keep you grass green. Make sure the watering is a deep watering, at least 40 minutes with a regular sprinkler. Deep watering provides a moisture source for several days.
A couple of things to remember: Experts suggest watering in the morning to prevent fungus from developing from grass that is wet overnight regularly. If you can’t water in the morning, be prepared to use a fungicide on the lawn proactively according to the package instructions.
Always remove the hose from the yard. I know it is a lot of work, but the lawn should appear to be trouble free, and a sprinkler and hose shatter that image.
Let the lawn grow a little longer. Most homes in the Northern Virginia, Suburban Maryland and Washington, DC have a fescue or some other type of tall, narrow leaf grass. These are very hardy grasses that will thrive up to 6 inches in length. Keeping the grass trimmed to 3 inches shades the roots, helping to keep the grass cool and green, and the longer leaf helps to fill in bare spots.
Remember, it is much easier to keep grass from going dormant than it is to force it out of dormancy after the fact. A regular watering program with a preventive fungus plan will give you a lawn that buyers will want to walk through to get to the front door!
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