The whole purpose of social media is to be social, which includes sharing information and opinions (in a mature and civil manner, too).  Millions of people write blogs, as do I, but sometimes you come across a blog that just says something so clearly and succinctly that you want to copy it.  Or in this case, reblog it.

I found this short and sweet blog on ActiveRain recently by Janice Ankrett of Janice Ankrett Home Staging – (   – a clear and simple message on one of the many important reasons why home owners should stage their homes.  I couldn’t have said it better, so I’m reblogging it.

Reblogging does more than share one person’s opinion or idea.  It also shares the comments that others have made, which at times can be more interesting and more informative than the original post, much like a good conversation.

Reblogging is also a good deed.  By reposting someone else’s blog, you’re giving them and their ideas the spotlight and introducing them to a different audience.  It’s one way to make the social media community a more interesting and informative neighborhood.
All the best,
Monica, ASP


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