North West Washington, DC Home Cleaned, Staged and Sold

One of the most important tasks a homeowner can do in preparing their house for sale is to clean.  And not just a top dusting and running the vacuum before the Realtor and potential buyer arrive – I mean a good old-fashioned spring cleaning like your mother used to do.
It’s highly unlikely that any buyer will get on their hands and knees to check out the baseboard and see if it’s been recently dusted, but a clean house definitely stands out even though it may not be verbalized by the buyer.  It’s almost a subliminal element when showing a house and it has many positive effects on the buyers.
A clean house will smell better and appear brighter, and helps to make the buyer feel welcome in the house.  It also signals to the buyer that, if the house is so clean, then it must have been well taken care of – no burned out light bulbs, no broken hinges, a functioning AC, no clogged pipes, etc.
The caveat to this, though, is that the home owner really does have to make sure that everything IS well taken care of!  Take a look at this photo of a house that had sort of been cleaned… on first glance you think it’s OK – until you turn on the front hall light.  YUCK!  And don’t look in the corners, either!


Of course once you see this, then you start to notice that the hood over the stove is sticky, and the mirror is grimy, and is that MOLD in the bathroom??
Homes with pets require special attention.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I love animals and have the best dog in the world – but sometimes they present special challenges.  Carpet spotting is a common problem, easily fixed with a good cleaning.  Urine is another matter. Many home owners grow accustom to the smell of urine in carpets.  One client actually tried to clean the spots on their off-white carpet with bleach.  The Realtor didn’t smell it, but I did. Urine goes right through the carpet, through the pad and into the floor.  It’s not enough to have the carpet cleaned – the pad needs to be replaced and damage to the floor repaired if it’s really bad.
Check out these before and after photos – the wood floor in this house was horribly damaged by dog urine. The floor was sanded and refinished, and although the stains were greatly diminished they didn’t completely disappear.  Nevertheless, this house sold in only 4 days.  I guarantee it wouldn’t have sold at all if the floors weren’t attended to.
Of course we all have our horror stories of dirty.  It’s a given that those will need some serious professional attention.  But in your average house with your normal, friendly home owner, just remind them to check the corners and light fixtures!
All the best,
Monica, ASP


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