Zillow’s Best Blogs List


Zillow just announced the people’s choice best real estate blogs.

If you run a blog or are thinking of starting one, we suggest you take a look at these winners. We clicked through most of them and there is a very apparent commonality among the winners. Most focus on extreme, hyper-local blogging.

Hyper-local blogging is the best way to stake your claim on a community in the key word search arena. It is virtually impossible to penetrate Googles top pages for “Northern Virginia Real Estate.” The brokerages have that space monopolized. But, by focusing on hyper-local areas, such as individual communities, post office names, school distrcts, etc, you can achieve high placement in Google and other search enginges.

Hyper-local blogging does take some time, but once you find news sources, you can consistently come up with fresh content. Home owners association web pages, local news papers, Google alerts for your chosen areas, even community Facebook pages are all great sources of hyper-local blogging topics.

The most efficient way to take on a local market is to find these resources, bookmark them, then review the bookmarked pages weekly, identifying potential topics to write about over the course of the week.

It take time, but eventually, you can establish yourself as the dominant web location for news about a particular area. That crebibility will lead to more business.

All the best,

Monica, ASP

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