Home Staging in Washington DC for the Holidays

Wreaths around Washington DC 

(I published this article last month in my newsletter. Posting to my blog for posterity!)
One of the biggest challenges of keeping a home on the market over the holidays is how to decorate. In an occupied home, it is unrealistic for the owner to ignore the holidays, so we need some guidance on of holiday decorating.
The market, one of the best holiday decorations is a beautiful wreath on the front door. We need to keep in mind the three different customer segments (Northern in Maryland, Urban in the District and Southern in Virginia). I like to start with the wreath because it is the last thing that potential buyers will see before they step into the home – so it sets the stage. The wreath also acts as a centerpiece for curb appeal.
Before we start, let me say that I know many people do not celebrate Christmas. I do not expect my clients to decorate their homes in a manner which is inconsistent with their personal beliefs. What I seek in those situations are elements of holidays which have been secularized. Wreaths are a perfect example. Many people maintain wreaths all year long, rotating them to match the seasons. Wreaths are no longer exclusively Christmas symbols.
Select a wreath that you will feel comfortable leaving up beyond the holidays, or replace your holiday wreath with a seasonal wreath after the holidays. A wreath adds a bit of warmth and color to an otherwise bare exterior during the winter.
In Maryland, I would suggest a wreath that is simple, classic and evergreen. 
For Washington DC home staging (and other urban areas), I would suggest something a little more modern. Find something edgy, but non-offensive. This square wreath does the trick.
In Northern Virginia, where we are leaning towards the south. We suggest adding some color to the wreath. This Williams Sonoma wreath is a great example: 
Evergreen Orange Wreath, Small
Lastly, when a home is for sale, I do not recommend hanging wreaths from every window in the house. This may be very festive and brings out the spirit of the season, but home staging is about neutralizing and showcasing the home. Wreaths in every window will draw the buyer’s attention away from the home and to your decorations. It may also convey a sense of exterior clutter that we do not want buyers to experience before they enter the home.
All the best,
Monica, ASP


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