Tips For Selling Your Home in Northern Virginia…Its Never Too Early to Think Spring

Early Spring Clean Up

We completed several stagings this month. We intend to feature each one, as is our practice. Our photos are backed-up in editing, so I thought I would write this edition’s blog about the fast approaching spring selling season.

Well, Punxsutawney Phil is not due to make an appearance for a few more weeks. Hopefully, you have noticed an uptick in traffic to your listings. Some of your sellers maybe caught off guard by the early traffic. Here’s what you can tell your clients to do to improve the odds of selling their home soon.

First, suggest they fertilize their lawn. If their lawn is the greener than the neighbors, that will have a positive emotional impact when potential buyers pull up to the property. Follow the instructions carefully so as not to damage the lawn.

Resist the urge to plant. Nurseries have limited inventory right now, if they are open at all. Home owners might waste valuable time driving around looking for flowers to brighten up their curb appeal. If new flowers are planted anytime soon, they are subject to freeze damage. Instead, dress up the flower bed with new mulch. This will make the area look fresh and neat and survive any late season snow fall. Hang a spring wreath on the front door – get buyers thinking positive thoughts on the way through the door.

Walk the property and identify any broken branches on trees or shrubs. Prune any unsightly or over grown plantings lightly. Prune lightly – it is very easy to take off too much when the plant is bear of leaves. Add mulch around any trees or bushes. As you are walking the property, take a moment to turn and look at the home from a distance. Does the siding look soiled? Are the gutters all straight and firmly attached? Is there any peeling paint or lose trim work?

All in all, about a day’s worth of work to speed the transition of a home from winter dull to spring fresh!

All the Best,

Monica, ASP


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