1940s Annadale, Virginia Home Given an Upscale Urban Appeal Through Home Staging

We staged a great home in Annadale recently. This is one of those gems that a casual buyer might pass by. But if your client is looking for something close in and very spacious, this home might be the perfect fit. Built in the 1940’s, it presented some challegnes on the staging front. How to respect its classic style, but show how a young, “urbanish”, family might enjoy the space.
The living room has two focal points, a large wood burning fireplace and a picture window. Instead of picking one winner, we decided to balance the room and extend the seating area further into the living space. This allowed the buyer to broaden their focus, rather than having their eye drawn into the corner of the room where the two focal points meet.
The dining area was a genrous space. We could have furnished it with a table suitable for entertaining. That would not have fit the style of the home, so we went with a more intimate setting. To avoid creating the appearance of a smaller room when using a smaller dining set, we put two area rugs in the room. This accentuates the space available without cluttering the surface area.
For more before and afters of this classic, visit our gallery.
Link to the microsite: http://www.3304annandaleroad.com/
All the Best,

Monica, ASP
the art of home preparation

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