Two Arlington, Virginia Homes Staged to Perfection

This has been an unusually busy summer for Preferred Staging. Usually, June and July can be counted on for a bit of a rest, but this year we have seen a great deal of activity. The market in DC appears very active, with days on market coming down to normal levels for well priced homes that show well. Staging addresses both of those areas – certainly the presentation of a home is improved by staging – but the value is also enhanced as staging helps people become emotionally attached to a home and less aggressive in negotiations.

Much of the activity we have seen is in the upper end of the market, where homes are being placed on the market in advance of the jumbo mortgage change coming this fall. These higher end staged homes are selling remarkably fast.

Two examples:

2320 N Tuckahoe Street, Arlington, Virginia was a challenge. A mixture of old and new contruction and renovated throughout, the home had two doors in the front of the home. We kept it light and airy to really provide the buyer a sense of the roominess and flow between the older portion of the home and the addition.





The second was an occupied staging (2616 18th Street South, Arlington, Virginia 22204). Usually, for occupieds, we conduct consultations and the home owner follows our instructions.

Occasionally, the home owner wants more assistance, so we bring in some accessories and small pieces to complete the look.





If you have a listing that needs a little extra help, or a full vacant in need of staging, give us a call. We never charge for our bids. 

All the Best,

Monica, ASP


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