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4th Street, SE, Washington DC Row House Staged and Read to Sell

December 9, 2009

Staging vacant homes are always a lot of fun for Preferred Staging.  It’s a great creative challenge to walk into an empty house and then envision how it will look furnished and accessorized.  Although it’s not quite as simple as it sounds.  Room measurements, zones (like space between furniture, walking paths, dining versus living, etc.), floor and wall colors, windows placements, and natural light all have to be taken into consideration.

We recently staged this fabulously renovated 1937 townhouse at 714 4th St. SE, Washington, DC.  The builder has really made this a showcase house with a huge kitchen, wonderful modern baths, a spacious master bedroom, and beautiful hardwood floors.  The front and back yards and patio are perfectly landscaped, too.

The builder has really made this a showcase house with a huge kitchen, wonderful modern baths, a spacious master bedroom, and beautiful hardwood floors.The front and back yards and patio are perfectly landscaped, too.

The approach to staging row houses like this one is to consider the long and narrow living space and the presentation.  How we stage to present a house is not necessarily how the new owner is going to arrange their furniture to live in the house.  Our goal is to stage the house with the best possible layout and arrangement so the house shows well, and potential buyers can see not only how much space there is, but also what furniture and how much furniture can fit into a room.

Of course, if a buyer walked in on staging day, they would probably stand there shaking their head wondering how we’re going to make it all work.  It’s CHAOS (or in home owner parlance, Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome). But it’s all creative chaos – yes, we actually know what we’re doing – and at the end of the day the final results speak for themselves. See more before and afters of this and other Washington DC homes

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Safety First: Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland Realtors Urged to Take Safety Training

December 7, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I attended a 1 hour seminar offered by the Southern Crime Prevention Task Force. Commander AJ Gywn of Atlanta, Georgia gave a fantastic presentation on safety for stagers, although the main focus of the seminar was Realtor safety.

I STRONGLY recommend that all real estate offices contact the SCPRF and schedule a FREE seminar for their offices, especially with the holiday season just around the corner. (A minimum group of 25 or more people is required.)  As Commander Gywn told us, the holiday season, combined with the current economy, is a sure recipe for increased crime rates across the country.

From their website:  The task force has one of the best training seminars
in the United States on real estate agent safety!!

“The Southern Crime Prevention Task Force has seen the crimes against real estate agents increase over the last five years. Crimes are being committed against male agents also, as criminals now are not as gender-specific. Our Real Estate Agent Safety Training Seminar is a 60-minute seminar, and 25 different topics on agent safety are covered. Agents who attend the seminar will learn how and why criminals often target a real estate agent, and agents in attendance will also be provided with different ideas and strategies on how they can become safer while on the job. The instructor will also be available after the seminar to interact with agents who may have questions, and for those wishing to discuss any situations they may have been involved in the past. This training seminar is in huge demand by real estate companies, boards, and associations.”

The seminars are offered free of charge, and are only 60 minutes long.  But the amount of information provided is invaluable!  We learned why real estate agents are targets, how to market yourself safely, how to communicate safely yet professionally with people you’re meeting for the first time, how to protect yourself during open houses, how to identify suspicious activity, and how to defend yourself if you find yourself in a difficult situation.  And that’s just the first 20 minutes!  At the end of the seminar, a handful of safety items can be purchased, all of which are thoroughly explained and demonstrated.

You can contact the Southern Crime Prevention Task Force in Gainesville, Georgia for more information at 678-947-5914, or by email at

As we were told, you have to be pro-active, and not re-active – so be pro-active and schedule your seminar soon!

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