Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow, it has been a busy spring! I hope everyone has been able to capture the increase in activity over the last several weeks. I know the properties we have staged have been selling like proverbial “hot cakes.”

Our oldest property, in terms of days on market, just sold. Even though it took 3 months, our average DOM held steady at 23 for all of 2009, thanks to several recent properties selling in less than a week.  

Staging is not as glamorous as the HGTV shows make it out to be. While I love the quick sales of our staged properties, it can mess with your mind a bit when you spend so much time making a home beautiful, then go undo it 30 days later. But, hey, Preferred Staging is here to help you sell homes, so we are happy that we contribute to a great result of a quick sale.  

Recently, I was asked to do a consultation for a townhouse in Reston that sits right on a beautiful lake.  The home owners are both very talented artists, and their home was their personal art gallery.  The paint colors were bold and bright, and there was an eclectic but successful mix of contemporary and traditional furniture and art.       

The owners loved their house; it was truly a reflection of all they loved.  Unfortunately, the interior is what I call “style specific”, meaning that the decorating was specifically their style and would not appeal to a broader target pool of buyers.  

Luckily, virtually all the work to be done was cosmetic, so the staging consultation also included a color consultation.  The owners had done as I had suggested in the consultation – both painting and staging – and I was called back a week or so ago to take my after photos.

All I could say was WOW!  The transformation was fabulous! The full listing is here and before and afters here.  

Another recent townhome, this one in the Ballston area of Arlington, Virginia was great to stage. They key feature in this home was a great fireplace surrounded by built-ins. There was no question what the focal point of the home was.


Since the fireplace was dominant and protrudes into the room slightly, we staged with lighter furniture so as not to compete with the weight of the focal point.       

The rest of the before and afters can be found on our web sight.   Please have a happy, safe and productive (if you are working) or non-productive (if you are resting) Memorial Day weekend.  

All the Best!  

Monica, ASP


Preferred Staging

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