Investing in Home Staging

So, how many times in your life has someone told you there is “no free lunch” or “you get what you pay for”? Well, we all know the most important things in life are invaluable, but everything else has a price tag.  

Staging is no different, the most important thing that we provide our clients is peace of mind that they are doing everything possible to sell their property. You cannot place a value on that.  

What you can place a value upon is success. Our average days on the market fell to 20 this week with the sale of one of our most recent stagings in just 10 days. Now, we do not take anything away from the real estate pros we work with, they deserve all the credit for moving these properties – they are the best!  

Preferred Staging’s job is to provide the backdrop for an aggressive marketing effort. It is very difficult to market a vacant home, or an occupied that just does not show well. All the eloquent wording of fliers, the online listings, the broker’s opens, and open houses cannot overcome a home that does not show well. That’s where we come in.  

80% of the homes we have staged this year are under contract, and those homes sold in an average of just 20 days, that’s a full 60 days less than the average in Arlington so far this year. That is 2 fewer mortgage payments home owners have to make, on average. It is also less marketing time and expense for you.  

Home staging may be a new concept for many home owners, but the numbers tell a very effective story that it is the way to go to sell quickly.  

All the Best!  

Monica, ASP


Preferred Staging

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