Don’t Overdo the Holiday Lights (Holiday Staging, Part 5)

We are almost done with the outside of the home in our special Holiday Staging series for homes for sale in Northern Virginia, Washington DC and suburban Maryland. I can’t wait to get inside, it is cold out here! Please see yesterday’s post, which lists the other blogs in the series so far.


In our last blog, we wrote about our favorite way to use holiday lighting when a home is on the market – using flood lights works wonders to showcase a home. However, if the idea of having a light shining in on your home several hours a night is not your idea of a good time, traditional outdoor mini-lights are a good alternative. We do like to follow some guidelines, however.


First, stay with white non-flashing lights. Home staging, at its core, is about neutralizing a home to appeal to as many buyers as possible. I know this may sound boring, but white always-on lights are classic. They never go out of style and they appeal to the widest audience.


Second, use lights prudently along the front landscaping and trim of the home. Too many lights become an attraction in themselves. They also become work for the potential buyer who may be thinking that they are not going to be able to live up to your standard when they own the home.


Third, add lights in the windows. Single candle type lights will draw a buyers eye around the home, making the home appear larger than it otherwise would in the dark.


Lastly, if you have a Christmas tree, place it next to a front window, if possible. There is something very appealing about seeing the lights of a decorated tree through a window. To many people, a tree visible through a window evokes a very warm welcoming feeling – exactly how you want a potential buyer to think about your home!


Now that we have taken care of the lights, we can move inside and warm up! Brrr; and it is not even Thanksgiving yet. Until next time…


All the Best,


Monica Murphy, ASP


the art of home preparation


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