Your Wasington DC Area Home is Still for Sale…

Your home has been on the market for months and the holidays are coming up – what should you do?

Homeowners in Fairfax, Loudoun, Montgomery, Arlington and Washington, DC are asking themselves this question at this very moment. Maybe you are one of them. First do not despair – you need a strategy to get your home sold fast! Preferred Staging is here to help.

First, the most critical question: Are you using a real estate agent? If not, why not? To save the sales commission? Let’s resolve that issue right here…statistically, home owners who sell their homes themselves net a lower sales price than if they had used a real estate agent – even after the agent commission is taken into consideration. In this market, you need all the marketing power you can get to bring potential buyers to your door.

Second, how does your home look? Once the buyer is at the door, what is their first impression? If the first impression isn’t, “Wow, this is really nice,” then your home is at a severe disadvantage. Homes that do not show well, do not sell well. It is as simple as that.

So, our advice to you is get a plan. You start your plan by discussing your sales strategy with your agent. If you do not have an agent, call us, we know many fantastic agents throughout the Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland.

Second, get your home in top shape. Call us for a walk thru consultation. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, we can give the direction you need to get moving in the right direction. If you need more assistance, we can provide staging services in your home. Staging can be anywhere from using your existing furnishings in unique ways all the way to bringing in furnishings to really showcase the property.

We have strategies and services to fit any budget. Speaking of budget, staging costs are almost always more than covered by reduced sales time and the higher price your home will command when is shows as one of the best homes in the neighborhood.

Now is the time to get busy and get your home ready to sell in the new year!

All the Best,



the art of home preparation

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