Northern Virginia Association of Realtors Showcase

Thank you, thank you!  Many thanks to the hundreds of you who stopped by the Preferred Staging booth at the NVAR Convention in Vienna, VA last Tuesday, October 21st.  We were the only staging company with a booth, and we were able to answer a lot of questions about staging, cost. We spent a lot of time talking with you about timing, how Preferred Staging works, and also how we market your staged properties after the staging is finished.  Lynn, Preferred Staging Project Manager, and I both truly enjoyed meeting so many wonderful REALTORS, the time just flew by!
Everyone is a winner
I’ve said it before, but I think it bears repeating – when house is staged, everyone is a winner. 
The home owner wins on many levels, because their staged house sells faster than houses that aren’t staged, and a faster sale means a reduction in carrying costs for them in continued mortgage and utility payments, and upkeep.  They also win because a staged home lessens the need for a price reduction, so they often sell closer to their asking price. 
The real estate agent wins because a staged home is its own best marketing tool, making your marketing efforts just that much easier.  Also, a faster sale means fewer marketing dollars you have to spend.  Of course a faster sale means you get your commission sooner, too. 
The buyer wins because they’re getting a house that is in top condition.  A staged home never hides anything; a staged home enhances the positives and works with the challenging parts of the house, thereby offering buyers solutions that they may not have considered. 
Preferred Staging wins, too.  As we told everyone at the NVAR convention, we’re in business to help sell houses, and when a house sells quickly, we have the satisfaction of knowing that we’ve done our job well.
All the best,
Preferred Staging
the art of home preparation

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