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If it is on HGTV, it must be true!

April 25, 2008

 HGTV is THE source for all things home related

Well, maybe. They certainly have gone a long way towards helping home owners understand that they must prepare their home for sale.
Along those lines, HGTV has just published it list of top 25 Biggest Mistakes in Real Estate.
Here’s the number one thing to avoid…
1. Failing to Showcase Your Home and Make Small Cosmetic Changes

When you are selling your house, you have to really look at it objectively and think about it from the viewpoint of the house hunter. Make minor enhancements to the house and maybe hire a professional stager to come and arrange your furniture. Staging is about decorating your house for the buyers’ taste, not yours. A great place to start is with the front of the home and the main entryway. Home staging is designed to increase the potential selling price and reduce the amount of time the house stays on the market.

I could not have said it better myself…out of all the things home owners should avoid, not staging their home for sale is Number 1.

Take away…

Whether your clients use a professional or not, please share this information with them! A properly prepared home will dramatically increase the changes of a fast sale.
All the best.

It’s Spring! Have You Got Your Curb Appeal On?

April 7, 2008

A Good Looking Approach Helps to Sell Your House

Last month, Realtor magazine came out with some survey statistics.

“According to the Real Estate Agent Community Trends survey, 82 percent of practitioners polled said buyers unimpressed with a home’s exterior will not want to look inside.”

So, 82% of real estate agents believe that their clients will not even enter a home unless the curb appeal is, well, appealing. I am one of those that get caught up on the actual meaning of a word. What caught my attention in the first sentence above was the word “unimpressed”. Maybe I am overstating things, but my reading is that 82% of agents believe that curb appeal must be above average for a buyer to seriously consider a property. How many of your clients have just average (or even below average) curb appeal? Now is the time to get moving.

Northern Virginia has had a nice cool spring so far, which means that lawns are just coming out of dormancy. If your clients have a thin lawn due to the drought last year, there is still time to over-seed and fertilize. Have them spray their lawn with a hard stream to know the seeds off of the grass and down to the ground. Be sure that they use “starter” fertilizer and follow the directions on the packaging. I actually reduce the application rate on the package by about by 25% to 50%. Burning a lawn is just not worth it.

Mow the law twice a week during peak growing times. I know this is a lot of work, but the appearance of a well manicured lawn is well worth the effort!

Now is the time you can begin to add color to the front of the home. Avoid planting until at least early May, as frost is still a concern. Instead, put flowers in pots. The pots can be moved into the garage or next to the home and covered if frost is forecasted.

Curb appeal is a must! Most home buyers will create a lasting impression of a property within the first 15 seconds. Make the most of that time and let them walk away impressed and considering their new home.

All the Best,