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The Master Bedroom as an Oasis

January 27, 2008

The master bedroom is an incredible opportunity to create an emotional attachment with potential buyers. It needs to be the “parental retreat”; warm and cozy, but also grown-up and elegant. At the same time, it should not be overly feminine. A master bedroom must speak to both genders, men and women, and should evoke emotions of love, relaxation and solitude.

In choosing a color, stick with tones found in nature. Luckily, the definition of “neutral” has expanded significantly beyond “white”, and includes varying shades of green, brown, and even grey. Soft “sagey” greens and warm browns are favorites. These are comforting colors that work for both genders. Once the color has been selected, move up the color card one or two shades. Our experience is that once a color is on the wall, it looks darker than it does on the sample card. Tinting the color with more white will also neutralize it. Use accent colors that are harmonious (adjacent on the color wheel) to prevent changing the feel, and complimentary or split complementary colors (opposite on the color wheel) for accents.

Remember, we are not decorating to the owners’ taste, but to a broad audience of potential home buyers.

The bed should be the first thing someone sees upon entering the room – make sure it is the focal point. Place the bed facing the door tightly against a solid wall. Avoid placing the bed against windows. Headboards are a must, even if they need to be purchased for the sale. A down comforter in a duvet with matching bed skirt, sheets, shams and throw pillows will create a plush look.

Window treatments should remain open, with a well pleated sheer. We want to let in light, while maintaining a sense of privacy.

Other than the bed, furniture should include two bed-side tables and lamps, a dresser or bureau, and a chest of drawers or armoire for a standard size room. A mirror over a bureau is a must and will make the room brighter by reflecting light. A reading area in a larger room can have one or two arm chairs or a chase lounge, along with a small table and a reading lamp. A larger room may also support a full length mirror.

Keep the accessories to a minimum. No family photos or stacks of “I will get to them soon” magazines.

Things to remove from a master bed room are: desks, computers, anything work related, exercise equipment and a visible television (some can hide the TV in the armoire – that’s fine). We also suggest removing a ceiling fan, if one exists, especially if the ceiling is low. This is something of a judgment call; keep in mind that a ceiling fan may imply the room is hard to cool. A globe type light fixture is OK, but the multiple light fixtures, like those found on country kitchen ceiling fans, may appear awkward – not too many people want to dress under a spotlight.

Again, make sure the master bed room appeals to both men and women, and has a warm, grown-up, and elegant appearance.

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Instead of “Dress for Success” Sellers need to “Paint for Success”

January 21, 2008

Paint selection is probably the biggest challenge home owners have in preparing their home for sale. A fresh coat of whatever color was there before is typically a BIG mistake. Homeowners select colors that fit their personality and their lifestyle. Preparing a home for sale requires stepping away from personal preferences and deciding what is best to enhance the salability of the property.

The color should be selected for its broad appeal, and must be appropriate for the purpose of the room. Bedrooms are rarely yellow, for example, but soft greens or lavenders work very well. Potential buyers need to walk into the master bedroom and immediately feel at peace. Color achieves this. Color should set the tone for the entire home and whisper, “You want to live here!”

Sellers cannot assume that the buyer will be interested in selecting their own colors and painting after purchase. We all know that in this market, you cannot leave anything up to the buyer – they want it perfect – and there is plenty of inventory to look at until they find the one that meets their expectations. Paint is one of the easiest, most affordable ways of increasing the salability of a home.

Realtors, If you have had the “paint conversation” with sellers, or can’t otherwise broach the subject with your clients, call us! Let us break the news that the pink kitchen won’t work in this market, or the Winnie the Pooh mural in the kids room may not appeal to a broad enough audience.

The right paint can sell a home!

All the best!


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