Why Vacant Homes Need to be Staged for Sale

OK, show of hands – Who has purchased a car without test driving it? Come on, the car looks good in the show room; it scored well on Edmunds and Consumer Reports – why do you need to drive it? Not many hands??? I thought so.

Next question – Who has purchased an expensive suit or dress without trying it on? Looked great on the hanger, and the sales person said it will be perfect for you – why do you need to try it on?

Last question (this is an easy one) – Why do builders have furnished models? Answer: BECAUSE IT IS HARD TO SELL A VACANT HOUSE!!!!

Sorry for shouting, but I needed to make the point… Vacant homes are at a huge disadvantage in this market for the same reason that: you don’t buy a car without driving it, you don’t buy a suit/dress without trying it on, and builders furnish models…buyers need to get a feel for their purchase.

Most home buyers, when they walk into a vacant space can guess where their sofa will go, how their dining set will fit, or how to purpose the basement areas. But that is the problem. Psychologically, if a buyer is guessing, they are uncertain. In this market, uncertainty = no sale.

Further, a vacant looks too much like a cave. I think it is safe to say that Northern Virginia buyers are looking for more than shelter.

bedroom before bedroom after

Staging a vacant home provides the buyer with the visual context to remove the uncertainty. They can see how the floor plan works and how furniture can be arranged. Staging transforms the cave into a home. Staging provides the context for potential buyers to see themselves living in the home.

A buyer must be able to see themselves in the home before they will make a purchase decision – just like you need to be behind the wheel of the car or see yourself in the mirror wearing the suit or dress.

Just remember, if a buyer can picture themselves in the home you are on your way to a sale. If not, you are wasting your time.

If you have vacant property – consider having it staged. Vacant homes need every advantage in this market and staging will provide your property with the edge needed to be the next home sold in the neighborhood.

All the Best!

Monica, ASP


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