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Fall Curb Appeal

September 26, 2007
OK, we all know that staging a home starts with curb appeal. Home buyers in Northern Virginia are extremely busy. They will first look at real estate listings online, drive by the homes in which they are interested and then request to visit a home. Fall offers us one of the best opportunities to differentiate your listings from the others on the market. We want to create a warm, welcoming feeling for the fall – the kind of feeling that says, “This is where I want to come home every night!” asp logoA welcoming feeling is obtained by creating a visual funnel with the home’s entrance as the focal point. Use fall decorations and plantings around the entire front of the home, but only sparsely at the edges. The concentration of accents should increase until your eyes rest on the door (adorned with a fall wreath, of course).Unless they are part of the decorations, leaves should be cleared away regularly. A few scattered leaves enhances an autumn theme outside. A yard covered with fallen leaves makes a potential buyer think of all the work it will be to rake. Many areas, such as Reston and Annandale, have leaf pick up if your rake it to the curb. We suggest you bag your leaves and have them picked up with the regular lawn watse. You do not want a wall of leaves to compete with your fall staging.fall decor 3With so many cultures mixing in Northern Virginia, leave the Halloween decorations in the box this year. Halloween runs counter to many people’s beliefs and might keep that one buyer from falling in love with the property (remember, all you need is one!). Certainly use pumpkins and gourds, but no carving, please. Uncarved pumpkins will last many weeks, so it is best to leave them in their natural state. Live accents such as pumpkins will need to be replaced once or twice if the weather is warm, so keep that in mind.Have a great fall, and best of luck in your real estate activities!Monica, ASP



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