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Curb Appeal Withers in Northern Virginia’s Summer Heat

August 1, 2007

Wow, who would have thought that your house would still be on the market in July! You listed it in April, expecting to catch the Spring buyers. The market is slow and so is the foot traffic through your home.

Don’t despair! September and October are right around the corner – you need to get ready for the last big push before the holidays (gosh, did I say holidays?!). We are still months away, but you must start to get ready now.

Potential buyers are out there. They are browsing the listings on-line and driving by the homes that look interesting. “Driving by? That means I have to worry about curb appeal! Oh well, its July. The buyer will understand the brown straw where my grass was a few months ago. The grass will come back in September, like it always does.”

Maybe your grass will come back, but will the buyer? Probably not. There are too many other houses out there with green grass and neatly pruned plantings, beckoning buyers to look inside.

Which home would you like to see?

Vienna VA home brown grass Vienna VA Home Green Grass

Maintain your curb appeal by watering. Lots of watering. Selling your home is worth the slightly higher water bill. Water in the morning if you can. If you can’t get it all in the morning, water at night. You can risk the lawn fungus the landscapers will warn you about. If you are concerned about fungus, treat your lawn once a month with a fungicide from your home and garden store. Do not water mid-day, as that may lead to burning the grass, which is counter-productive.

To revive your lawn in the mid-summer heat, you have to water deeply – I’m talking about a couple of hours several times a week. Remember to store the hose every day. I know, it’s a lot of work, but remember what you are trying to accomplish!

Your yard and landscaping make the home’s first impression. Keep them in top shape and you will be rewarded.

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All the best,

Monica, ASP

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